September 19, 2021

Deadline approaching and still not sure where to start? The following 10 tips will help you piece together your presentation from beginning to end.

  1. Start by determining what you want to accomplish and what your audience wants to gain.
  2. Each slide should contain only one message. Placing more than one message on a single slide confuses the audience and diminishes the potential impact.
  3. Determine the difference between what you will say and what the visual aid will show. Don’t read straight from your visuals.
  4. Ask the audience to read or listen, not both; visual aids should not provide reading material while you talk. Rather, use them to illustrate or highlight your points.
  5. Give participants paper copies of your presentation that they can write on and have for future reference.
  6. Account for production time in your planning process. Good design takes time!
  7. Use local photographs and examples when discussing general problems and issues.
  8. Use charts and graphs to support the presentation of numerical information.
  9. If you have handouts, don’t let them become a distraction during the presentation. They should provide reinforcement following your address. Consider giving them out after the presentation, unless the audience will use them during the presentation or will need to review them in advance of the presentation.
  10. Practice presenting the full program using graphic materials so you are familiar with their use and order.