September 19, 2021

Listen. Learn. And get empowered. One-on-one training for Do-It-Yourself-ers. In-person for all my Los Angeles peeps, over the phone, or via Skype for the rest of y’all.

Want to learn how to design, format and finesse like a graphic design pro? When you’re as fiercely passionate about Powerpoint as I am, it’s tough not to share the love.

In just a couple of hours, I’ll convey invaluable tips and tricks, so you can keep your future presentations looking spiffy. I’ll also give you a cheat-sheet with helpful reminders and how-to’s – you won’t even need to take notes!

1-on-1 training includes:
Basic branding principles
+ Custom animation
+ Typography and font usage
+ Margin formatting
+ Line spacing
+ Image editing
+ Charts and tables

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